SFA20 B precast concrete headwalls are designed to comply with Sewers for Adoption guidelines for pipework discharging into open watercourses for plastic, clay or concrete pipework up to 1050mm. SFA20 B concrete headwalls have a backwall height of 1650mm and are manufactured in 2 pieces. We cast the opening in the back wall of our precast headwalls to suit the pipe diameter and material of the pipe being used. We can cast multiple pipe openings, elliptical, square or rectangular culvert openings into any of our precast concrete headwalls. We can also cast pipe openings into the wing walls of our headwalls. We can factory fit all our precast SFA headwalls with Kee Klamp® handrails, Sewers for Adoption specification gratings, flap valves, penstocks and other flow control devices.

All Althon Sewers for Adoption precast headwalls are available with either 300 or 500mm thick toe extensions. If you cannot find the drawing or information you are looking for please contact us. The SFA20 B headwall weighs 6070kg / 3035kg per half.

If you require any assistance or more information please contact us by phone on 01603 488700 or by email sales@althon.co.uk

SFA20 B Headwall line drawing
Product Name
Max Pipe Opening PCC
Max Pipe Opening Plastic / C'ware
Backwall Height
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SFA20 B Headwall

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    SFA20 B Headwall + 1000 x 500mm Toe + 900mm Penstock + 3 Sided Kee Klamp

    SFA20 B Headwall + 1000 x 500mm Toe + 900mm Penstock + Backwall Kee Klamp

    SFA20 B Headwall + 1000 x 500mm Toe + 900mm Penstock + Halfway Kee Klamp


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