Althon offer a large range of rectangular precast concrete headwalls for pipework discharging into ponds, swales ditches, rivers and tidal environments. Our rectangular headwalls are available in a range of backwall widths and heights for pipework up to 750mm. 

Openings in our rectangular concrete headwalls are cast to suit the pipe material and diameter being used on site. We can also cast the opening to a specified invert level if required. Our rectangular precast headwalls can be factory fitted with a range of accessories such as flap valves, penstocks, Kee Klamp® handrails as well as trash screens and outfall safety grilles. 

Rectangular headwalls have the wingwalls projecting at 90 degrees to the backwall. We offer a range of different wingwall profiles with our rectangular headwalls to suit the bank profile on your project. We offer toe extensions for our rectangular precast headwalls either 300 or 500mm thick and up to 1000mm deep.

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