Althon Products used at Distilleries across Scotland   

Althon have supplied a number of products across the years to distilleries all over Scotland. We have supplied headwalls, penstocks, drainage channels and inline non return valves to at least 11 distilleries in recent years such as

Starlaw Distillery (Glen Turner Distillery)                                Headwalls

Glenmorangie Distillery                                                              Headwalls

Glendullan Distillery                                                                   Headwalls

Glen Ord Distillery                                                                      Inline Penstocks

Glenfiddich Distillery                                                                   Headwalls

Grants Distillery                                                                          Concrete Drainage Channel

Inver House Distillers                                                                  Headwalls

InchDairnie Distillery                                                                   Headwalls

Glenlivet Distillery                                                                       Headwalls

Macallan Distillery                                                                       Tideflex Checkmate Valves

Clynelish Distillery                                                                       Headwalls

Ardross Distillery                                                                         Headwalls

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