Sewers for Adoption and Sewers for Scotland Guidelines call for an outfall safety grille to be fitted to any headwall with a pipe opening greater than 350mm. Sewers for Adoption Guidelines specify that an outfall safety grille must be a minimum of 270mm wider than the outside diameter of the pipe, have bars at 100mm spacing, be hinged and have a padlock facility.

All our outfall safety grilles, standard gratings and trash screens are hot dip galvanised to BS EN 1461 after fabrication but are all available in stainless steel if required.

Althon provide five types of an outfall safety grille. Our outfall safety grille type 3 design is exactly as Figure C.6 of the Sewers for Adoption Guidelines and Figure 10 of Sewers for Scotland except the grate finishes 150mm above the invert level of the incoming pipe allowing low flows to run uninterrupted without compromising safety.

The 600mm Sewers for Adoption Outfall Safety Grille Type 3 is designed for use with concrete pipework up to 600mm and twinwall plastic pipework up to 600mm

SFA Outfall Safety Grille Type 3 600 line drawing
Product Name
Max Pipe Opening Plastic / C'ware
Max Pipe Opening PCC
SFA Outfall Safety Grille Type 3 600

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