Althon pipe mounted flap valves are designed for use both below and above the waterline. PTK-P pipe mounted flap valves are hung at a 10 degree angle to ensure a water tight seal. The PTK-P pipe mounted flap valve is suitable for use with a water pressure of 5 MWC for 72 hours and 1 MWC for 50 years. The flap valve is HDPE with HDPE ribs and can be further reinforced where necessary with stainless steel. The flap valve is joined to connecting pipework with a coupling.

As standard, our range comprises pipe mounted flap valves for pipework from 100 - 600mm. We are able to design and manufacture larger sizes on request.

  • 10mm opening pressure when submerged
  • Lightweight, easy to install and handle
  • Easily adaptable to meet site specific pressure or installation demands
  • 50 years operational life

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