Althon HDPE penstocks can be used in surface, sewer and water process applications. HDPE penstocks are a simple and highly effective way to prevent water backflowing into a system, control water levels and isolate or cut off water discharging from a pipe. Althon HDPE penstocks have been developed for the majority of situations where a penstock is required.

Our HDPE penstocks are manufactured from HDPE and grade 316L stainless steel and have a 50 year design life.

Althon HDPE penstocks are suitable for sealing pressures of 5MwC as standard. Our penstocks require virtually no maintenance and allow fast, safe and easy installation. Althon HDPE penstocks are generally available from stock.

Our HDPE penstocks are suitable for wall mounting and can be factory fitted to our precast concrete headwalls and precast penstock chambers. They can also be fitted to in-situ outfall structures and manhole chambers. Our penstocks are supplied with an EPDM seal, stainless steel fixing kit and chemical anchors.

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