Althon façade drainage channels are available in galvanised or stainless steel. Our façade drainage channels are high quality and aesthetically pleasing and suitable for use in terraces, flat roofs and patios and other landscaped areas.

We are able to offer our façade channels closed or with perforations in the channel to drain directly into a soakaway. We also offer a large selection of galvanised or stainless steel gratings with slots, mesh tops or perforations in the grating.

Our façade drainage channels are suitable for pedestrian traffic only.

  • Drainage channel for terraces, flat roofs, roof terraces, decking or similar
  • Drains areas which are to be found on all outside facades(e.g. wood, plaster or glass facades)
  • Drainage channel for use inside buildings
  • Mesh, slot or bar gratings available
  • Drainage channel can be perforated or closed

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