Althon 150mm shallow concrete drainage channels are available with cast iron, stainless steel or galvanised steel edges and have an innovative quick-locking system for easy installation. There are four lugs on the lower side of the grates which make sure that the system is not vulnerable to longitudinal displacement. If required the gratings can also be bolted in place.

150mm shallow concrete drainage channels are available with cast iron, galvanised and stainless steel gratings which can be slotted or mesh. Shallow concrete drainage channels are 150mm wide internally and can be used in applications up to E600 load class where only shallow excavation for installation is possible.

150mm Shallow Drainage Channel line drawing

Load classes

  • Car parks and parking decks
  • Delivery vans
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Road verges
  • Side Gutters
  • Carriageways
  • Industrial zone
150mm Shallow Drainage Channel gratings
Product Name
Min / Max Height
Channel / Overall Width
150mm Shallow Drainage Channel
40 - 100mm
150 - 213mm

    All Available Downloads for 150mm Shallow Drainage Channel

    Ductile Iron Grating C250kN

    Ductile Iron Grating C250kN SW12

    Ductile Iron Grating D400kN

    Ductile Iron Grating E600kN

    Mesh Grating C250kN - Galvanized Steel

    Mesh Grating C250kN - Stainless Steel

    Mesh Grating D400kN - Galvanized Steel

    Mesh Grating D400kN - Stainless Steel

    Shallow Drainage Channel - Cast Iron

    Shallow Drainage Channel - Galvanized Steel

    Shallow Drainage Channel - Stainless Steel

    Sump Unit - Cast Iron

    Sump Unit - Galvanized Steel

    Sump Unit - Stainless Steel