XLS41 Headwall Range

This is a sectional structure, assembled on site around the drainage pipe and locked together by means of a "stitch joint" filled in-situ on site. The XLS41 will accommodate Plastic Pipe and Pcc Pipes up to 2400mm ID. Two 10T – 340 Capstan Lifters are cast into the top of the back wall and wingwall and a 10T – 115 Capstan Lifter is cast into the apron of each half of the Headwall for lifting and positioning.

XLS41 Headwall Range

XL Headwall Range Max Pipe Opening (I.D) Plastic/C'ware Max Pipe Opening (I.D) PCC A mm B mm Approx Weight (kg)
XLS41 Headwall 2400 2400 3436 200 12000 CAD & PDF Details

Althon Headwalls offer a cost effective alternative to in-situ structures for connecting pipework discharging into open water courses.

All drainage pipes discharging into open watercourses, such as swales, ditches, ponds and rivers, should be fitted with an appropriate Althon headwall.

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