Silt Pit 750mm x 600mm x 1100mm

750 x 600 silt pit w/c Althon profiloe grooves and ribs take up to 600mm wide channel on 750 faces with similar profile on one 600 face to take up to 375 wide Althon channel.

Chamber manufactured from glass reinforced cement with nominal wall thickness of 12mm. 

Silt Pit 750mm x 600mm x 1100mm


Manufactured in glass reinforced cement, Althon Silt Pits are lightweight, strong and easy to handle.

No shuttering or expensive brickwork is required to connect the Althon channels to any new or existing drain.

The Silt Pits are scored on three sides with the profile of the Althon channels, making them easy to cut with an abrasive disc angle grinder.

Althon Silt Pit formers are designed to fit onto 600 x 600 pre-cast concrete extension sections.