Althon SFA1 600 Sewers for Adoption Specification Safety Grille

Althon provide five versions of an Outfall Safety Grille, Version 1 is exactly as Figure C.6 of the ‘Sewers for Adoption Guidelines’ & Figure 10 of ‘Sewers for Scotland’. Hinged on one side, padlock facility on the opposing side and bars at 100mm spacing.


SFA1 600 SFA Grating

Althon Sewers for Adoption and Sewers for Scotland Type 1 compliant outfall safety grilles should be used on outfalls of 350mm diameter or greater.  Manufactured from 70 x 70 x 10mm Steel Angle for the frame and 50 x 12mm Flat Bars at 100mm Spacing for the screen all fully galvanised to BS EN 1461 after manufacture. 

The grating is hinged on one side and provided with a padlock facility on the other.  The grating should be a minimum 270mm wider than the outside diameter of the pipe being used.  The grating & frame can be supplied with chemical anchor fixings to fit existing outfalls or supplied fitted to our Headwall range.