SFA Grating Type 5 525

The ‘Sewers for Adoption’ & ‘Sewers for Scotland’ Guidelines call for an Outfall Safety Grille to be fitted to any Headwall with a pipe opening of 350mm or greater. The Guidelines specify that the grille must be a minimum of 270mm wider that the outside diameter (OD) of the pipe, have bars at 100mm spacing, be hinged and have a padlock facility. Standard Gratings are hot dip galvanised to BS EN 1461 after fabrication but are all available in Stainless Steel if required.

Althon provide five types of an Outfall Safety Grille, Type 5 of the SFA grating is the Networks Outfall Grille specified for use on Headwalls to be adopted by United Utilities Plc their Standard Detail STND/00/007 refers.

Althon SFA Grating Type 5 525 for use with PCC pipes UTI 525mm ID and twinwall pipes UTI 600mm ID.

All dimensions in millimeters 

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