R10CA Rectangular Headwall No Toe

The R10CA Rectangular Headwall is a single piece structure with a separate toe. The R10CA Rectangular Headwall can accommodate twin wall, uPVC or clay pipes up to 600mm ID. or concrete pipes up to 525mm ID.

We cast the opening in the back wall of our headwalls to suit the pipe diameter and material of the pipe being used. We can cast multiple pipe openings, elliptical, square or rectangular culvert openings into any of our headwalls. We can also cast pipe openings into the wing walls of our headwalls. 

Rectangular Precast Headwalls Max Pipe Opening (I.D) Plastic/C'ware Max Pipe Opening (I.D) PCC A mm B mm Approx Weight (kg)
R10C A Headwall No Toe 600 525 0 0 2000 CAD & PDF