One Piece Heavy Duty Silt Trap Inlet

Manufactured in GRC and provided with a unique anchorage system. A lightweight recessed headwall suitable for most situations where batter angle is not less than 45 degrees and for use in minor water courses with moderate flows

One peice heavy duty silt traps Line Drawing One piece heavy duty silt trap inlet

Precast Concrete Silt Traps Max Pipe Opening (I.D) Plastic/C'ware Max Pipe Opening (I.D) PCC A mm B mm C mm Approx Weight (kg)
1PHDSTA 600 525 1070 915 1425 1250 CAD & PDF Details
1PHDSTB 600 525 1070 915 1730 1450 CAD & PDF Details

Althon Headwalls offer a cost effective alternative to in-situ structures for connecting pipework discharging into open water courses.

All drainage pipes discharging into open watercourses, such as swales, ditches, ponds and rivers, should be fitted with an appropriate Althon headwall.

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