1000mm Penstock

Medium Duty 1000mm HDPE Penstock 

Althon Medium Duty Penstocks can be used in Surface, Sewer and Process Water applications. They are a Simple and Highly Effective way to Prevent Water Backflow into a system. Althon Medium Duty Penstocks have been developed for the majority of situations where a Penstock is required. Medium Duty Penstocks are suitable for sealing pressures of 5MwC as standard. We can supply our penstocks factory fitted in  Precast penstock chambers , onto our  headwalls  and onto  precast concrete endwalls

Althon Medium Duty Penstocks have the following benefits :

  •  Virtually No Maintenance
  •  Circular, Square or Ellipse Openings available
  •  Fast, Safe and Easy to Install
  •  Usually Available from Stock
  •  50 Year Design Life

Althon 1000mm Medium Penstock CGI Medium Duty Penstock

Materials :                          HDPE, SS316L, EPDM + POM

Size :                                  1000mm

Working Pressure :            5MwC On/Off

Seating Penstock is supplied with non – rising spindle as standard. The spindle bearing is OLG and the back plate HDPE. The moving plate is HDPE with RVS316L stiffeners and a POM spindle block. The mounting material and spindle are SS316L. The seal between the moving plate and back plate consists of an integral EPDM seal.

Please note this drawing is not to scale and is for use as a visual representation. Dimensions shown are in millimetres.