Inline 125mm Penstock 

Althon Inline Penstocks can be used in Surface, Sewer and Process Water applications. They are a Simple and Highly Effective way to Prevent Water Backflow into a system. The Alton Inline Penstock is for Isolation Inline with a Pipe system. The Althon Inline Penstock is guaranteed to a Maximum Pressure of 10MwC as the Penstock has been tested up to 20MwC. The Althon Inline Penstock can be operated Manually or with an Actuator. Manufactured in HDPE and Stainless Steel 316 the Althon Inline Penstock has a High Chemical Resistance 

Althon Inline Penstocks have the following benefits :

  • Virtually No Maintenance
  • Used Above and Below Ground
  • Fast, Safe and Easy installation
  • UV and Impact Resistant
  • Various Operation Accessories available

Inline Penstock Line Drawing Inline Penstock

Manufactured by :              KWT Waterbeheersing

Materials :                          HDPE, SS316, OLG, EPDM + POM

Size :                                  125mm

Working Pressure :            10MwC On/Off

Seating This penstock is manufactured from SS316 and HDPE. The housing for the penstock is produced in HDPE and strengthened with SS316 to resist internal liquid pressures and any external ground pressures. The penstock has been tested to 20MwC and is rated at 10MwC as standard. The EPDM seals and the OLG bearing are integral to the Inline Penstock housing. The SS316 spindle is non – rising.

Please note this drawing is not to scale and is for use as a visual representation. Dimensions shown are in millimetres.