Heavy Duty 1000mm Penstock 

Althon Heavy Duty Penstocks can be used in Surface, Sewer and Process Water applications. They are a Simple and Highly Effective way to Prevent Water Backflow into a system. Althon Heavy Duty Penstocks have been developed for Large Heavy Duty applications. Heavy Duty Penstocks are suitable for sealing pressures of 10MwC as standard.

Althon Heavy Duty Penstocks have the following benefits :

  • Virtually No Maintenance
  • Excellent Sealing 
  • Fast, Safe and Easy installation
  • Compact Construction

Heavy Duty 1000mm Penstock Heavy Duty Penstock

Manufactured by :              KWT Waterbeheersing

Materials :                          HDPE, SS316 + EPDM

Size :                                  1000mm

Working Pressure :            10MwC On/Off

Seating Penstock is equipped with a vertical spindle and centrally mounted bearing block. This reduces the force on the spindle and therefore the risk of damage. The guides are made up using box profiles which ensures the anchors are subjected to the appropriate loadings. The SS316 moving plate has an EPDM seal and can be fully adjusted in relation to the mounting face that slants by 3 degrees. The KSA-HD is designed so that spindle and seal replacements can be carried out without having to remove the penstock from the surface it has been fixed to.

Please note this drawing is not to scale and is for use as a visual representation. Dimensions shown are in millimetres.