Rat Stoppers

Rat Stopper

Althon Rat Stoppers are available in 2 sizes.

4" Rat Stopper (100mm) is priced at £110 exclusive of VAT

6" Rat Stopper (150mm) is priced at £170 exclusive of VAT

Orders of 3 or more qualify for free delivery. Delivery of 1 or 2 units is £15.

Both models are available from stock for delivery 1 - 2 days from order. Please call us on 01603 488700 to place an order.

Installation instructions are sent out with every order. 

The Althon Rat Stopper is an affordable solution to the problem of rodents entering properties through drainage pipes and ducts. The Rat Stopper stops rats from leaving the main sewer and accessing the pipes servicing a property.

The Rat Stopper comes with a reversible flap. The Rat Stopper can is typically placed in the main outlet or into one of the pipes that service the manhole.

Detached houses typically require one Rat Stopper.  Semi - detached and terraced houses should each be fitted with a Rat Stopper.