300mm Flap Valve HDPE

300mm wall mounted HDPE flap valve in HDPE and stainless steel

Althon HDPE Flap Valves can be used in Surface, Sewer and Process Water applications. They are a Simple and Highly Effective way to Prevent Water Backflow into a system. Our Flap Valves are manufactured in HDPE and Stainless Steel 316. Althon HDPE Flap Valves are Lightweight and High Strength. Our Flap valves are therefore Easy to Install, Responsive and very Reliable. Our standard HDPE Flap Valves start at 100mm in diameter. We would be pleased to assist with Bespoke Flap Valves. Please visit the Bespoke HDPE Flap Valve section of our website.

Althon 300mm Flap Valve Line Drawing Althon HDPC Flap Valve

Valve plate and back plate are manufactured in HDPE. The hinge pin and ballast weight are manufactured in SS316. The ballast weight can be adjusted if required. The sealing system is made up of an EPDM seal set in the back plate. The valve plate is installed at an angle in relation to the back plate to ensure a good seal. 

Please note this drawing is not to scale and is for use as a visual representation. 

Dimensions shown are in millimetres.