Concrete Kerb Drainage Channel - Profile I-3 

Althon Concrete Kerb Drainage Channel provides quick and effective drainage due to the special shape of the inner profile.

This kerb channel is suitable for installation in motorway, container terminals, industrial areas, port facilities and aviation areas.  Resilient up to classes D400 kN, E600 kN or F900 kN, (channels with border only class D).

These kerb channels are available in the most wide-ranging designs, and therefore are the most frequently used. Available with or without inner slope, with continuous, interrupted or covered slot, with or without border, and in the most wide-ranging diameters.

Concrete Slot Drainage Channel - Profile I-3

Benefits & advantages

  • Section length 4 m - with or without 0.5% internal slope
  • Standard inner diameter: 200 x 300 mm, alternative inner diameters available on request*
  • Can be supplied with interrupted, continous or covered slot - slot width 30 mm
  • Drainage cross section: 514 cm²
  • 3 % surface slope to the slot
  • Resilient up to classes D400 kN, E600 kN or F900 kN (channels with border only class D)

Accessories include

  • Gully
  • Cleaning element
  • Fire protection element
  • Faceplates and end plates


*Alternative sizes on request are 300mm x 300mm, 280mm x 280mm, 260mm x 260mm, 240mm x 240mm, 220mm x 220mm, 200mm x 200mm.

Althon Concrete Kerb Drainage Channel - Profile I-3

Please contact  the Althon for pricing and leadtimes on concrete kerb drainage channels.

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