150mm Concrete Drainage Channel

Concrete drainage channel for applications up to F900 load class


Althon BG Concrete Drainage Channel is available with internal widths up to 500mm and has phenomenal load bearing capabilities. The BG drainage channel has been developed for areas where massive acceleration or braking forces and torque could occur. The BG Channel Drain is available with gratings up to load class F900. Mesh, slotted and solid gratings and covers are available with the BG Drainage Channel System.

Althon BGZ-S 150 Drainage Channel  

BGZ 150-S Drainage Gratings

Application areas

Storage-/parking area, freight yards, loading bays, service stations, motorways & highways, railway stations, etc.




Total length

Overall width

Nominal width

Slope 0,5 %

Total height

Weight w/o grating

1000 mm

248 mm

150 mm

channel no. 1 - 20

240 -340 mm

86 - 105 kg

A massive high quality concrete compound with cast iron edges let into concrete and a safety joint at the face side.  The fourfold bolting and the lugs on the underside of the grid guarantee a high power connection between the drains.

This makes the product highly suitable for operational areas such as Warehouse and parking lots, haulage yards, loading stations, petrol stations, arterial and B roads, motorways and railway stations etc.