Chieftan Chamber 1830 x 1375 x 780

The Althon Range of Chieftan Precast Inspection Chambers has been designed to make installation on-site as straightforward as possible. Each inspection chamber comes in two halves with a reinforced cover slab. The units are cast to order to suit any pipe openings and invert levels required. The real benefit of using a Chieftan inspection chamber is in the ability to pre-fit accessories to the unit prior to delivery to site. Our inspection chambers can pre-fitted with flow control devices such as penstocks, Tideflex Valves and flap valves. This makes installation fast, simple, cost effective and most importantly safe.

Chieftan Chamber 1830 x 1375 x 780 line drawing 1830 x 1375 x 780 Chieftan Chamber

All Althon Chieftan Inspection Chambers are available with extension pieces to increase the depth if required. Please contact our sales team for further details.

Our Inspection Chambers can also be supplied with galvanized steel covers, grates and frames.

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