Althon Facade Channel V-E Closed RB250, H55/H90

Althon façade Channel can be used everywhere there is only a minimal of installation height at your disposal but maximum drainage performance is required. The Althon Façade channel is also available with adjustable height and can be manufactured in either galvanised or stainless steel. 

Mesh, slotted and perforated gratings available. 

Operational Areas:

  • Terraces, flat roofs, roof terraces, loggias and similar constructions
  • On all outside facades (eg. wood, plaster or glass facades)
  • In areas where there are two water bearing (aquiferous) levels
  • On surfaces that link up to the facade
  • For reconstruction as well as new buildings 

All dimensions in millimetres

Please contact Althon for pricing and leadtimes on facade channel.

Sales Team: 01603 488700