Althon S1000 LM Drainage Range

The Althon Mea Light to Medium Duty Polymer Concrete Drainage Channel is the ideal drainage solution for pedestrian areas, parks and for the drainage of large hard standing areas such as supermarket car parks. The Althon Mea LMD Drainage Channel satisfies new European standard EN1433 for drainage channels set in trafficked surfaces. The LMD drainage channels are available with either a galvanised steel edge protection or with a variant stainless steel finished edge.

Althon Mea LMD Channel Drainage is available in load classifications A15, B125 and C250 and is available in 100mm and 200mm widths. The Althon Mea LMD Drainage Channel system comes with a wide range of options for the gratings, such as perforated, stainless steel, slotted and mesh finishes.  The system can be designed and supplied to accommodate a level fall, linear fall or stepped fall.            

Althon S1000 LM Drainage Channel                                                      

  • Opening width: 100 mm
  • Channel width: 130 mm
  • Channel height: from 150 mm to 305 mm
  • Channel bodies for linear fall (base fall 0,5%), level fall and stepped fall
  • S1000 with stainless steel V2A edge protection