100mm Wide Polymer Concrete Drainage Channel

Integrally cast into the Althon ALT HD Polymer Drainage Channel is a cast iron edge, guaranteeing maximum strength even under the most extreme loadings. The Althon HD Polymer Channel is available in a wide range of widths – from 100mm to 400mm and load classifications A15 through to F900. The Althon ALT Heavy Duty Polymer Concrete Drainage Channel is available without fall, with a linear fall or with a stepped fall depending on site circumstances.

Althon HD 1000 Drainage Channel Althon 1000 Gratings Table

Clear width: 100 mm
Total width: 140 mm
Total height:  from 150 mm to 250 mm
  • Channel sections for a linear fall (base fall 0.5%) and no fall
  • Also with integral outlet connector
  • Loading class A 15 to F 900


Options Table